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A Piece of Busuanga Paradise - Palawan - Philippines

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A Piece of Busuanga Paradise

Everyone dreams to own a beach property for a home. This dream home is envisioned as a retirement place where the sun and sand converge for the onlookers and occupants to enjoy and treasure. In this vision, many are becoming more interested in owning their piece of paradise in Palawan, particularly in Busuanga.

Busuanga Island is one of the Calamian Group of Islands in Palawan, located in between Mindoro and mainland Palawan. Busuanga is one of the municipalities in Palawan that has a recorded population of less than 16 000, making the place mysterious and interesting.

Most of the known resorts in Palawan are found in the mainland and in the surrounding islands. In Busuanga however, no known resort is located, making it a valuable place to start up a resort business or own a property for personal use.

Palawan’s real estate value has been increasing since the resorts have sprouted all over the place. It is said that the real estate value will continue to go up in the coming years because of eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is putting Palawan on the mark as one of the best destinations all over the world to enjoy nature at its best and becoming at par excellence with other five star hotels and resorts from other countries.

The population in Busuanga is little compared to the population in the mainland Palawan yet, Busuanga boasts unchartered beaches and wildlife that are yet to be discovered. Because of the absence of resorts in the area, Busuanga real estate is said to be valued more than what they were in the past. The townspeople are friendly and accommodating to visitors and tourists who prefer to enjoy the tranquility of the town with adventures of their own.

Busuanga real estate may not be booming now but as Palawan becomes more known as a tourist destination, Busuanga real estate is not far from being valued at a higher price. The most unfortunate part would be the foreigners having an edge of owning a piece of paradise than the locals and the locals in turn, offer their properties for commercial development, not knowing the real value of their land.

Palawan is known as the last frontier. Let it be not the last frontier for us Filipinos in owning a piece of our own paradise and give up the ties that bind us to make way for commercial development and industrialization. The paradise will remain a paradise thru environmental awareness and eco-tourism.


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