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Of course, tours anywhere are better enjoyed when there’s a private car available, especially in Palawan. A private car, even a rented one, can make travel more convenient and relaxing. So one of the best options in enjoying a tour of Palawan is a car rental.

First, let’s explore the car type possibilities for a car rental in Palawan. There are usually the private car rental, and the jeepney type of car rental. At times the FX type of car rental and the Van type of car rental may also be available. If the option is a private car rental in Palawan, which is the usual mode of car rental for tour purposes, the intention often is for a limited number of tourists, and mostly for roaming around a city or town.

A car rental usually takes in 5 passengers, driver included, without much space left for luggage or picnic provisions, and this travel is often exclusively for good city road conditions, at least asphalt treated, if not concrete paved.

Private car rental may be used in Puerto Princesa, for instance, as well as other Palawan towns and municipalities where road conditions are generally good. Car rental rates vary, depending on the distance and hours of use. For instance, just to have a good idea, a half day tour in a private car rental, say in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, may cost P1,000, excluding gasoline. If the tour goes beyond the agreed locality, some car rentals in Palawan may charge a P100 per 2 kilometers extra. Likewise, if the tour exceeds the half day (12 hours) agreement, some car rentals may charge an extra P100 per hour exceeded.

Car rentals of the jeepney type is often used for rough road tours in Palawan, especially where private cars cannot tread, like in the rough terrain going to the underground river in Puerto Princesa, which is a bit outside regular roads. Jeepney car rentals usually take in 16 to 20 passengers, driver included, plus luggage or picnic stuffs and equipments.

Jeepney car rentals may come in air-con or non air-con type, depending on the availability in the area, and this car rental type easily negotiates rough roads. A typical jeepney car rental fee in Palawan may cost from P800 to P1,000 (excluding gasoline) per 8-hour tour or not exceeding 12 hours, which ever may be agreed upon. Air-con jeepneys may cost P1,000 or higher per 8 hours.

Car rentals are usually the better tour options in Palawan. They can afford more travel convenience.


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