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Remove those flip-flops with complete abandon, and immerse your feet into the relaxing feel of the sand… Not too scorching, not too coarse, just right. Look around. Revel in the opportunity of getting wet, wild, and adventurous. It’s time to sail off in that small boat – known as the banca to native dwellers of the island of Palawan – and visit Palawan’s dive centers.

Yes, Palawan Island is known for its numerous dive centers. In fact, in Palawan’s subregions, dive centers can be found in some of the most frequented areas of local visitors and foreigners including Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Port Barton, Lagen Island, Miniloc Island, Coron or Busuanga, Dragon Island, Sangat, and Dimakya Island.

To date, Palawan has around nineteen (19) bustling dive centers to go to and these either act as a stand-alone type of dive centers or as offered by the various resorts in these areas.

For the guests of the island of Palawan that are still in their earlier stages of learning the adventures and thrills that this particular water sport can bring, further trainings are offered. Beginners can opt to have a few diving sessions in the more gentle waters of the different hotels’ swimming pools with a professional dive instructor that would be happy to take on the task.

But, beginners aren’t the only ones who can avail of these trainings. Even those who feel that further trainings are still needed are also warmly accommodated by a professional staff.

For you to learn the ropes better, it’s best to enroll yourself in one of the courses that are typically given by these dive centers – although, of course, there is a minimum age requirement for that since this water sport can get very dangerous if done by the very young visitors of Palawan.

But, if you’re twelve (12) years of age or more, go ahead and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity while you are there enjoying the waters, sun, air, native or International cuisine, or the air-conditioned (with complete amenities) hotel room in Palawan.

Courses mainly border on two types: the PADI (for beginners, and is geared – mostly – for a recreational type of diver) and the TDI (for the more advanced, technical divers).

Instructors are usually PADI- or TDI-certified, and the courses bank on international standards of teaching with complete training aids to use.

After going through a preferable course or training session (and after your instructor gives you the thumbs-up, go-ahead, alright-you’re-ready sign), it’s time to test the relaxing, crystal blue waters of Palawan, and allow yourself to enter another world where colorful, strange, and amusing creatures of the deep reside. (Oh, and don’t forget to bring your underwater camera for taking pictures of your deep sea experiences!)

Another thing that can be indelibly impressed upon one’s memory, with regards to this water sport, is that aside from some explorations of underground lakes and marine life, the opportunity to glimpse historical wrecks, beneath Palawan’s waters, is another opportunity that you should not miss.

These delightful splashing moments are yours for the taking. So, go ahead. Explore what these dive centers can do for you, and take part of a heart-racing, totally glorious, wet-and-wild underwater adventure in Palawan.


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