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The Splendour of El Nido

Palawan is a famous tourist destination in the Philippines, known for its beautiful natural features. One can only appreciate the breathtaking views offered by the white sand beaches and its mystical jungles. Indeed, Palawan is a haven for nature-lovers and adventure seekers alike. This is why the famous municipality of El Nido comes to place, simply because this famous spot stands out among the rest of Palawan’s beautiful hubs.

El Nido's Natural Beauty

El Nido offers a natural beauty that can be matched by only a few places in the planet. Protected by the Philippine government, its magnificent marble cliffs and white sand beaches truly brag its nature-given gift. Its beautiful forests contain caves that take you to hidden lagoons and rivers, and some shores are isolated enough to give you the feel of tranquillity and relaxation.

To quickly access this Palawan municipality, one has to take a direct flight from Manila. However, if you are planning to savour the trip, there are ships that depart from Manila that arrive in El Nido via the other beautiful towns in Palawan. There are many hotels and lodges in El Nido. Most of these resorts offer basic amenities and are a short distance from the beach. Hotels range from luxurious to budget friendly ones.

Marine Activitites

Obviously, marine activities can be done in El Nido. One can ride a boat and hop around the island and marine reserves. Tour packages are available on boat rentals. Food is also of no problem—one can bring along the coolers or avail of the food package offered by the local tourism services. Scuba diving is also a popular choice, since the marine reserves are protected by natural law.

The geographical features of El Nido, Palawan also offers a wide range of activities. Motor biking is popular because it brings opportunities to appreciate the scenery of the town and jive with the traditional Catholic festivals of the locals. Roads are available for both motorcycles and mountain bikes. One can also avail of the cliff climbing, crawl their ways upwards the proud marble cliffs and view the fantastic white beach. The forests are also a sanctuary of hidden caves that shelter scenic waterfalls.

El Nido is boasts of a natural splendour unmatched by many places in the world. One can never tire of the place, as it offers marine and geographical wonders. This town offers a promise of tranquillity and enjoyment. As you take shelter on one of its splendid shores, you might find yourself wishing that every place in the world is as beautiful as El Nido, Palawan.


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