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The Beauty of El Nido Beaches

El Nido beaches are one of the many attractions that the Philippines have to offer its tourists. Its inhabitants are known for its hospitality and simple living. The beauty of El Nido beaches is comparable with the island of Camiguin. To appreciate its beauty, tourists would have to take a boat ride. It is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes away from the town of El Nido.

El Nido beaches are regarded as a display of Palawan’s geological beauty and wildlife splendor. It plays an important role in the country’s biological diversity and has been placed among the list of protected areas by the Philippine government. The marble cliffs of El Nido are the abode of a few species of tropical birds. It is home to one of the most sumptuous dishes, the Nido soup, served in Chinese restaurants. This delicacy contains bird nests of Swiftlets, which are found in the limestone cliffs of El Nido. However, there is more in El Nido than meets the eye.

El Nido beaches boasts of having the most pristine seascapes in Palawan, regarded as the Philippines’ last frontier. Because of its natural beauty, El Nido has likewise been dubbed as the island of the gods.

El Nido beaches is made up of 18 barangays stretched along 50,000 hectares of vast land. With a population of 27,000, the island’s inhabitants are a mixture of natives as well as migrants from other areas of the Philippines. In 1934, the giant Tridacna, regarded as the largest pearl in the world weighing 14 pounds, was found a Filipino diver under the Sea of Palawan.


Its fascinating landscape and crystal clear waters makes El Nido beaches one of the most visited sites in the country. Its 45 islands and islets as well as the surrounding areas offers endless possibilities for appreciating the beauty of nature, going on an adventure, and for simply having fun. The limestone cliffs of El Nido is believed to be at least 250 million years old. Aside from that, El Nido beaches are likewise well known for its clear waters, which is home to 200 varieties of tropical fishes, over 100 species of corals, and three varieties of endangered sea turtles. The forests of El Nido houses over 100 bird species, majority of which are native to Palawan.

El Nido beaches boasts of other activities that can make a tourist think of going back to its beaches. Kayaking, mangrove tours, hiking, fishing, bird watching, island exploration, picnic, snorkeling, or sunbathing are some of the other alternative activities that a tourist can enjoy in El Nido.

So for people looking for a place to visit in Palawan, El Nido beaches is one of the best in the province.


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