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Palawan Emergency Information - Philippines

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Palawan Emergency Information

Palawan is one of the largest islands in the Philippines, and perhaps its most popular tourist destination. Home to some of the last great natural reserves in the world, it is a must-see for every traveler and adventurer. However, as with all major travels, it is imperative that you gather tourist emergency information. You do not want some unexpected problem to spoil your visit to this tropical paradise.

Here in this section you will find emergency information on Palawan. Gather the info before you need it. If this is your first time to visit Palawan, make sure you take all necessary precautions for your vacation. There are several kinds of emergencies that can come up while you are in a foreign country. While it is hoped that you will never encounter any of them, it is always best to be prepared.

In addition to the Palawan emergency info in these pages, here are some travel safety tips for your Palawan adventure:

- Before you travel, make sure all your travel documents are in place.

- Let your family and friends know where you will be staying in Palawan and when, so they will know how to contact you or the place where you will be staying.

- Do not bring more money or jewelry than you have to, but do bring extra cash in case your trip is extended for any reason.

- Take a first-aid kit that includes mosquito bite lotions and repellants, as Palawan is a tropical country.

- Use a mix of ATM cards and cold cash; in case something goes wrong with one, use the other.

- Get the numbers and address of your country’s embassy, the local police, hospitals, and so on. Get all other emergency information as well.

- Find out the best times to travel to your destination in Palawan, when the weather is most favorable.

In the event you lose your passport or run into any such trouble, get in touch with your country’s embassy as soon as possible. Do not trust anyone too easily, although you should be friendly. It is helpful to know some local phrases, for even though English is widely spoken, the people will appreciate a foreigner who can speak their language.

Many adventures are waiting for you in Palawan Island. Make sure your visit will be as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible by gathering all emergency information you need.

We have gathered the most useful Palawan emergency information in these pages that we have found. Should you find any outdated or erroneous info, please let us know so we can keep this section accurate and up-to-date.


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