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The province of Palawan is one of the best places that depicts the beauty and grandeur of the Philippine islands. Composed of 1,780 islands, it is endowed with pristine white sand beaches that make it a viable vacation destination.

Palawan boasts of hotels and resorts that provide their guests with various activities that can guarantee a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Here we will focus our attention on what the different regions of Palawan can offer as far as accommodations are concerned.

One of the best places in Palawan to look for hotels and resorts is Coron. Although power shortages are a common thing in the beaches of this municipality, Coron can still provide guests with an enjoyment like no other. Visitors can be awed by the sight of kingfishers, parrots, swallows, sandpipers, swifts, among others.
Wreck diving in one of the seven Japanese wrecks in this island is a popular activity although guests who are not much into diving can likewise indulge in kayaking and island hopping.

El Nido town, situated on the western shores of Northern Palawan, offers world class hotels and resorts. There is a pair of resorts that are sprawled on their own private island. Modern amenities are available. The beach offers everything that guests can have for a certain fee.

There are budget hotels in this side of Palawan. Likewise, visitors can indulge in island hopping and buy diving equipments in the various dive shops. A 12 to 14 hour jeepney travel from Puerto Princesa will ferry passengers who do not want to travel by air to the resort.

Located 200 kilometers towards the east of Palawan is the island of Pamalican. This is another exceptional venue for finding hotels and resorts. Visitors will be captivated by the white sand, pristine beaches, and a wide array of coral reefs. Likewise, they can have a taste of luxurious living courtesy of the king sized beds, window divans, and sunken baths which is common in all its hotels. Once they get tired of diving and snorkeling, they have the option to engage in other activities. They can read books and magazines, listen to music, play board games or practice their swing in the tennis court.

Visitors from Manila can book themselves on chartered planes which will directly take them to the island. In fact, there are hotel personnel that are stationed in their lounge at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Whenever in Palawan, guests will never run out of hotels and resorts to stay in and enjoy their vacation.


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