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Living in Palawan

In a peaceful area north of Mindoro and Sabah Island in Malaysia, sprawling around 1.5 million hectares, lies the largest province of the Philippines, Palawan. Peaceful (with one of the lowest rates in crimes), safe (sheltered native resorts and luxurious, well-managed hotels are some of its alluring features), and naturally ideal (for its sun-kissed atmosphere that celebrates the wonderful colors, sights, sounds, and touch of nature), the cost of living in Palawan is something to be fully experienced for one to truly feel its lingering essence.

Yes, living in Palawan, the country’s last frontier, may be what is relevant to your heart’s desires, which is to slow down from the harsh, tension-filled work days, be able to commune with the fascinating beauty of nature's gifts, and be one with the gentle-hearted souls of Palawan.

But what exactly would you see there if you are pondering on living in Palawan? Would Palawan be a good option to take? How would living in Palawan be any different at all with the cost of living in the more urbanized areas of the Philippines?

Well, for one, with its alluring plush of tropical flora and fauna surrounding Palawan, it may seem like a laid-back sleepy town where things seem to creep with a delightfully, leisurely slow pace as if nature has intended it to be (so that perhaps a more profound appreciation of its 1,769 islands and islets will be embraced by those who are willing to partake of Palawan’s enticing charm).

Unlike the fast-paced city life, living in Palawan has its own inviting and unforgettable thrills to enjoy anytime you like on your own, with your special someone, or with the whole family brood.

* Island Getaway
As mentioned, Palawan has numerous enchanting islands where engaging in water sports (such as kayaking, diving, sailing, and snorkeling) and enjoying wildlife or marine species (which include squirrels, bear cats, zebras, sea turtles, sea cows, gazelles and many more) can be a favorite pastime.

Some of the islands of Palawan include the Cuyo Islands (northwestern side of Palawan), the Balabac-Bugsuk (southwest), Calamian Islands (north), and many more.

* Underground Rivers and Caves
Underground rivers (such as the path that leads beneath the mountain of St. Paul) and cave explorations (where you can choose to explore the Tabon Caves, known to be the oldest habitation place) are other things one can enjoy to do while living in Palawan.

* Other Hunting Explorations
If you’re a fan of archaeological treasures, this Archaeological Hunt should be included in your to-do list. Go ahead and bask in the glorious discovery of unearthing ancient tools and ornaments in the caves of Palawan.

* Mouthwatering Foods
Most probably, you are thinking that aside from these fun-filled activities, what else can be expected to enfold in your life if you choose to stay in this place.

Well, the freshest fruits from your own backyard like mangoes, coconuts, cashew nuts, bananas, and other tropical fruits to sink your teeth into can be most appealing. And the seafoods and other delicious foods to tickle your palate, and whet your taste buds would be a heavenly experience.

* Peace and Relaxation
You may also choose to indulge in silent reverie as you take in the splash of colors on the sky as the sun sets – ending the day’s activities with satisfaction.

So, is living in Palawan something that you would want to experience? If your answer is yes, then all these and more are waiting for you in the country’s last frontier – where your days will move in a graceful, slow pace – in that island called Palawan.


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