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Palawan's Famous Nature’s Entertainment

Palawan is the perfect hideaway to seek if nature’s charm and beauty is the desired entertainment. And it’s also the best entertainment package that Palawan can offer a vacationing visitor.

The simple life and quiet retreat offered by Palawan’s rustic ambience is the best entertainment that can be derived from this paradise island. Entertainment consists in the diverse challenges that Palawan can offer the adventurous spirit, from the soaring heights of limestone cliffs and mysterious caves, to the rugged paths of thick rainforests, mangroves, and multi-sized lagoons, to the mysteries of deep and abundant reefs sheltered in the recesses of the Palawan seas.

Palawan entertainment is nature derived. It is found in the soft ripples of the sea kissing the white-sand shores around the island. It is found in the various dive spots abundant in the seascape of the island paradise where reef and wrecks never fail to offer unmitigated entertainment to the amused divers who never tire of the glory of the Palawan underwater sea life.

Palawan entertainment is found in the amazing nest gatherers of the Palawan highlands. El Nido, particularly the Miniloc and Lagen Islands, allow spectacular sights of death-defying stunts of native locals hunting the edible bird’s nest in rock recesses on dizzying cliffs, and in caves and caverns atop the same. These are homes to a number of endemic tropical birds in Palawan. Palawan entertainment is in the assurance of a worry-free vacation filled with mere relaxation out in the open or in native and cozy lodgings made abundantly available by the mushrooming tourist industry in the surrounding islands.

Simple activities in the islands of Palawan can mean great and memorable entertainment that nature alone can bring about. The clear waters alone can provide entertainment at a range of 3 to 10 meters deep from December to February, about 10 to 30 meters deep from March to May, and some 10 to 15 meters the rest of the year. The deep sea wonders are readily visible at such shallow depths that Palawan can create an atmosphere of fun and entertainment by mere glances and peeks at sea life from the water surface.

One of the best entertainments that nature can afford in Palawan probably is the island-hopping activity that is popular in the vicinity. Palawan islands are close to each other that a mere boat adventure in and around the islands can easily afford the thrill that can easily outweigh more mundane forms of adventures and entertainment.

Palawan entertainment is mostly appreciated from nature-centered activities.


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