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Palawan Island Resorts

Palawan is one of the island provinces in the Western Visayas Region of the Philippines. In terms of land area, Palawan is recognized as the largest province. This province is composed of several islands that go all the way from Mindoro to Borneo.

Palawan is considered as a tourist destination because of its breathtaking landscapes and other forms of astonishing natural beauty. Palawan usually comes to the minds of people who love to go to the beach or those who simply love to admire the beauty of nature. This is the reason why a lot of tourists are always seen taking a vacation in this island province.

Ever since tourists have discovered the beauty of this province, several resorts have been established that are really very comfortable to stay in Palawan.

Dive Link Resort

Dive Link Resort is one of the resorts in Palawan which is located ten minutes away from the town of Coron. This resort features a swimming pool, a restaurant, modern cottages, and a spa. Guests are very welcome to bring their laptops because the place is WiFi-ready.

Club Paradise

One of the most in demand resorts in Palawan is Club Paradise. This is not only ideal for guests who love beaches, but also for those who love sports and other forms of leisure activities. Club Paradise has both hillside and beachside air-conditioned cottages.

El Nido Resorts

A lot of tourists also choose to stay in El Nido, which is both a marine reserve park and municipality in Palawan. Several resorts and hotels can also be found here, and one of those is the Miniloc Island Resort. Its forty-three guest rooms are composed of thatch-roof cottages, sea-view rooms and water cottages. Just like the other resorts, Miniloc Island Resort also offers air-conditioned rooms.

Another resort in Palawan that is located in El Nido is the Lagen Island Resort. It has fifty-one guest rooms that are composed of beachfront cottages, forest rooms, and water cottages. Guests can also conveniently access WiFi, just like at Dive Link Resort and at Miniloc Island Resort.

Those who have not yet visited Palawan should start start planning a vacation there soon as they should try to stay in Dos Palmas Arreceffit Island Resort. This resort in Palawan is also popular among tourists. Located in Puerto Princesa, this resort is known as a family resort and as a place that holds seminars, workshops, and other types of functions. Some of its cottages are garden-inspired, and guests can also enjoy the resort’s spa as well as its garden.

These are only a few of the recommended resorts in Palawan. There are a lot more, and all these have surely added to the beauty that Palawan boasts of.


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