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Palawan Package Tours

Palawan is the largest island in the Philippines according to land size. Blessed with rich marine life and thriving ecotourism, Palawan has become the destination for relaxation and adventure with nature. With this, Palawan package tours are available almost everywhere in the country and to the rest of the world thru the Internet.

Palawan package tours ranges for the local to the tourists. Reservations and bookings are made as early as a year advance to ensure availability of the desired resort to stay. These package tours are varied according to season. Off peak season is during the months of June to September and on peak season is during February to May and October to January. On off peak season, Palawan rates are lower, to cater to the locals and balikbayans who don’t want to join the hassle and bustle during on peak season. On peak season like summer, holidays and Christmas season, Palawan package tours offer combined rates for land transfers, accommodations and meals for a number of days, typically for a three day, two night stay. Island tours can be included at request.

As Palawan is known for its richness in marine resources, resorts have been put up and sprouting to take advantage of the tourism industry. These resorts tie up with travel agencies for Palawan package tours that will provide a steady flow of tourists and visitors to their places. Over the years, Palawan package tours are one of the most in demand and available to tourists and local alike.

Palawan package tours also cater to newly wed couples for their honeymoon. These package tours offer the best suites in the resorts with amenities that are enjoyed in pairs. Aside from this, Palawan package tours also have family packages for a group of 4 to six, offering free of charge to children ages 2 to 6 and half of the adult rate for kids ages 6 to 11. These offers provide activities for the families to have quality time and to make lasting memories. Group packages are also being offered for the young and budding professionals to unwind and relax to be ready to face the corporate world and career life.

Palawan is the place to be for relaxation and adventure. Tourists and locals alike are given the same treatment when offered Palawan package tours. These package tours are meant to foster tourism and environmental awareness to the interested and loyal clientele.


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