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Palawan Vacation

Plan your traveling agenda as you wish to explore the endless beauty of Palawan Island when you decide to treat yourself to a Palawan vacation. Don’t forget to bring a sun screen lotion as your Palawan vacation commences.

Getting to Palawan Island can be done by air or land travel. You may contact the flight schedules of Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines if you wish to travel by air while Negros Navigation and WGA Super Ferry can provide you their sailing schedules to the capital city of Palawan – Puerto Princesa.

Many tourists prefer to have a Palawan vacation because of the boundless scenic spots and diving destinations that can provide them thrill excitement and relaxed vacation. Palawan, being the largest province in the Philippines in terms of land area is the least populated area in the Philippines with only approximately 800,000 Palawan residents.

Explore the Marine Life

When you go to a Palawan vacation, make sure to explore the exhilarating views of marine life, breathtaking sceneries of white beaches and wildlife preservation forest. Plan which destinations you prefer to go on your Palawan vacation. The popular underground river with a length of 8.2 kilometer believed to be the longest underground river in the world is found in Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River. The River National Park in Puerto Princesa offers view of cathedral caves, mangrove river and beautiful tropical rainforests, teeming wildlife on its untouched beaches.

The only national marine park in the Philippines, the Tubbataha Reef is located in the southern part of Palawan. If your Palawan vacation is heading in the southern part of Palawan Island, you will see large marine life in the Tubbataha Reef consisting of sharks, barracuda, sea turtles and manta rays that typically attract both local and foreign divers in this part of Palawan. If the itinerary of your Palawan vacation further heads south, you will see more terrestrial attractions of waterfall and mountains. Mt. Mantalingahan, the highest peak in Palawan Province is located in this area.

Further south, you will see the residing endemic wildlife of cockatoo, wild boar, parrots and talking mynahs and the famous Palawan peacock pheasant. The endangered Palawan mousedeer are also seen in southern part of Balabac Island.

Palawan Beach Vacation

If your Palawan vacation is aimed towards beach and diving, then you should head north of Palawan where white sand beaches and breathtaking views of limestone cliffs are located. Most scuba divers prefer the northern side of Palawan Island because of the historical shipwrecks found in this area. The beautiful lagoons and rock formations are also breathtaking sights that are inviting to adventurer tourists.

With all these attractions, you are sure to find yourself breathless with your Palawan vacation with all the nature’s beauty found in Palawan Island. Palawan is indeed a nature’s heaven place to visit.


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