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Palawan Government Thrusts for Nature Preservation

Palawan is one of the Philippine Island Province in the Western Visayas Region. The largest province in the region is Puerto Princesa City – Palawan’s capital. Palawan Island is known for its abundant marine and wildlife resources. The Palawan government was successful in promoting the province’s natural beauty and resources. To date the Palawan government successfully continues its promotion drive for eco-tourism for the Palawan Province.

The tourism industry is now a flourishing business in Palawan. Owing to the Palawan government’s efforts and innovative programs, the attainment for economic growth that benefits Palawan economy and its people is underway to further success.

There are many beautiful islands in Palawan that are considered to be a natural paradise. The Palawan’s white beaches and aquamarine waters are a natural sight of splendor and beauty. The abundant marine life inhabiting the Palawan Island is a natural attraction among tourists. Snorkeling and diving sites are numerous with the wonderful wreck diving sites to explore and various species of coral reefs found within the Palawan coasts.

The Palawan government is exerting efforts of passing legislations that will protect and preserve the abundant natural marine resources in their province. Because of the industrialization and commercialization in their province, the Palawan government promulgated an ordinance in Puerto Princesa that regulates the trading, catching and shipment of live reef fishes in Palawan.

Palawan’s natural marine and inland habitats are now being economically exploited due to high commercialization and economic degradation. In response to this threat, the Palawan government created a program on ecotourism as an alternative to illegal businesses involving sand theft, poaching, illegal logging and reef degradation.

Aside from the white beaches, beautiful coral reefs and diving sites found in Palawan, the province also house the two of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is the famous underground river believed to be the longest in the world with beautiful stalactites and stalagmite formations, crystal clear waters and a small lagoon on its entrance cave. The Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park holds the exotic beauty of marine life preserved against exploitation.

The Palawan government takes pride of having these two famous World Heritage Sites in their province. Wildlife preservation programs are also being imposed to protect the endangered species found in their ecological park such as the famous Palawan mouse deer, peacock pheasants, Palawan turtles and many other wildlife animals.

The Palawan government continues its programs and thrusts for the preservation programs of their natural resources in order to bring further development and improvement of their eco-tourism programs for economic development of the Palawan Province.


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