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Prime lands for business, agriculture, and residences in one of the country’s top tourism areas---Palawan. Palawan real estate is one of the timely investments to consider, especially at a time when the country aims for an unprecedented tourism boost and countryside development.

Palawan is a strategic place for a real estate venture, among other things. It is a mere 2-hour boat ride from Manila, or about an hour’s travel by sea from the Batangas seaport. It is a popular tourist destination, affording one of the most unspoiled displays of rustic life and scenic nature beauty in the country. The various Palawan surrounding islands are rich in marine life, rainforest patches, and tourist attractions that are suitable for diverse tourism trades.

Real estate investments are excellent for tourist lodges and hotels to accommodate the influx of regular visitors that frequent Palawan the whole year. The availability of diving sites around Palawan, with its many noted special wreck and reef sites, provide a whole year diving season. This is a big tourism potential paving the way for very lucrative hotel and lodge ventures. Real estate for tourism projects can also very well take advantage of seasonal mammoth sea creature sightings Palawan seas are noted for, like the sea cows, stingrays, and other shark species.

The abundance of local seafood and exotic wildlife game are real estate potentials for restaurant and native cuisine ventures. Edible birds’ nests plentiful in the islands and other native bird products are actually sought for by foreign and local tourists. Palawan unmistakably offers unique real estate sites perfect for harnessing natural attractions that have been luring visitors for frequent stays in the islands for quite sometime.

Real estate for agricultural considerations is also worth taking. All ready, there are farm lots that boost the agricultural output of Palawan. Yet, acres more of prime agricultural real estate lie waiting to be exploited, and which are best purchased while undeveloped for cheaper prices. Pearl farming is a popular business in Palawan, stirring more real estate potential and interests among locals and foreigners.

Even for a simple rustic life situated in one of nature’s best abode, real estate in Palawan is an excellent choice for a seasonal rest house or family residence. Many people have been eyeing Palawan as a perfect retirement place, and many have in fact began to enjoy the tranquil wonders and leisure that a permanent real estate consideration can be bring in Palawan.

Palawan has the benefit and allurement factors that real estate planning requires.


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