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Food. One of Palawan’s attractions is the diverse range of food choices, the best of which are the famous local delights, that make Palawan restaurants a much sought after dining venue in dining circles.

Top Palawan restaurants offer cuisines borrowed mostly from Visayas and Mindanao, though authentic Palawan cuisines are plenty---mostly garnished with green mangoes for a subtle sour quality on food. Other examples of Palawan cuisines served in restaurants in Palawan are Cocorocodo (a coco milk specialty in variations), Kamayan Lamang Dagat (Bared-Hand Seafood Eating), and Socrate Kinilaw (fish cooked in vinegar)---Palawan style.

Palawan restaurants offering foreign cuisines proliferate, and mostly lining up the busy commercial districts of Puerto Princesa. The capital city is also known for Vietnamese restaurants---having been host for Vietnamese refugees before. The hectic Rizal Avenue is fully loaded with foreign and local restaurants catering to different tastes and preferences. Of course, Palawan being surrounded by the sea, there are restaurants specializing in rice and fresh seafoods.

Restaurants outside Puerto Princesa have their own specific cuisine expertise, but they often require advance notice for meal orders to make do with their limited supplies. It is thus advisable for tourists who venture outside the capital city for more exquisite dining and a touch of the rural life to make prior accommodations with restaurants, and also to bring their bottled water extras.

Palawan’s first class hotels, of course, make special provisions for-on-the-spot orders, and they also offer catering services. One of the things Palawan cuisine is famous for is the variety of seafood served in Palawan hotels and restaurants. Seafoods galore are typical of Palawan restaurants and is one of the main attractions of Palawan dining. Grilled seafoods with an abundance of Palawan native fruits and other exotic foods are often the main courses served in the island’s foremost restaurants, especially during evening meals.

Appetizing soups naturally flavored by edible bird’s nests are also one of the attractions of some Palawan restaurants. The edible nests are manually gathered from cliff tops or deep caves where migratory birds take seasonal refuge. These edible soups can cost a fortune, considering the nature of its procurement and its subtle unique flavor.

Palawan restaurants are among the best in the country. They cater to different tastes and food preferences, serving both foreign and local cuisines, mostly in the ambience of rustic simplicity and exquisiteness. Palawan restaurants add more to the appeal of the island and to a unique Palawan experience.


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