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Not only a perfect vacation destination, Palawan also offers one of the most exquisite and unique native shopping items available in the country. As many as there are amazing tourist sites in Palawan, there are many shopping sites in the island paradise.

Palawan’ s crafts, souvenir items, and other native products are known for their native ingenuity and quality. Worth shopping are Palawan’s shell and wood crafts, native jewelry, fruits and food products, and other handcrafted accessories. Palawan shopping outlets dotting resort landscapes are abundant with shell crafts of gleaming or lucid shell raw materials which are handcrafted into various house or office decors, such as lamps, trays, curtains, or picture frames. There are craft groups that are sensitive to seashell conservation and use discarded shells of edible shell foods.

Palawan shopping stalls are also stuffed with native weaved baskets of various materials and designs. They are perfect for gifts or decors, embellished with an amusing craftsmanship reflective of the native manual dexterity of the local craftsmen. Baskets on display in most Palawan shopping stores are made of wild vines (nito), rattan (a native super pliable bamboo), native wicker, firm roots and reeds, abaca, and even local paper.

Argao woven cloth comes in various native designs for different purposes; as curtains, dish sheets, wall hangs, table cloths, pillow covers, or carpets. Palawan shopping is commonly graced by the flourishing presence of jewelry boxes made of Palawan native stones and corals. Jewelry boxes and other accessories of “sigay” of hard shells, bamboo or rattan are also common.

Silver works and figures reflecting the noble art of Palawan are also flaunted in Palawan shopping areas, and so with luscious food products like the ubiquitous dried mango preserves, fish preserves, native crunchy biscuits as Otap and Turones, peanut and cashew brittles, and the super crisp “Danggit” or dried sea fish cut in halves. This is not to mention the fresh Palawan tropical fruits that crowd carts or dangle freely in shopping resorts.

Iwahig Penal Farm in Palawan boasts of one of the quality and durable handicraft pieces available to shop. The Farm opens for a handicraft shopping spree, featuring special and delicate craftsmanship from penal servers who pour their ingenuity this time to constructive use. The items in this unique shopping venue are all worthy souvenirs and a way of helping one of Palawan’s correctional institutions.

Mere shopping in the various resort spots can reveal so much of Palawan, and one can even take home a piece of Palawan through these shopping items.


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