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Sightseeing Palawan

Out in this paradise island strip of Palawan are numerous sights perfect for exploring the wonders that nature can reveal in this part of the world. Palawan land and sea sightseeing spots feast the curious tourist eyes with a panorama of nature’s awesome thrills and delights.

Apulit Island in Taytay, Palawan is excellent for sightseeing at the beach where various scenes of surfers gliding through waves upon waves of the Palawan roaring tides are available. The place is also rich in sightseeing natural lagoons affording serenity and easy wading for a more relaxed swimming ambience. Its forest is also abundant with wildlife and, along with its teeming marine life at the adjacent sea border, delightful sightseeing is easily affordable.

The El Nido protected areas in Palawan is also a place worth visiting for sightseeing. Get a good view of the soaring cliffs and mountain ravines amid the great green forests, plus the pristine sea background where good fishing and island hopping through native motor-powered bancas add to sightseeing delight. El Nido also affords extra tranquil scenes of small and big natural lagoons for added sightseeing features.

Sightseeing in Coron, Palawan is another worthy tourist activity in the locality. The unique flora and fauna arrayed against the backdrop of fine white-sand beach makes Coron in Palawan a sightseeing destination increasingly popular. There is also more than meets the eye in the mangrove-rich coasts of Coron and, coupled with the other wonderful nearby islands, the total scenery is a lavish rustic sightseeing enchantment.

Deeper in Coron, Palawan, in its Dimakya municipality, is another sightseeing destination. A part of the famous Calamian group of islands is the Dimakya Islands. The rugged terrain of the forest island is home to the elusive Calamian deer, the native Palawan peacock, the formidable Palawan anteater, a horde of native monitor lizards, and a lot of rare birds mostly endemic in Palawan, with scores of unique local eagle types that make Dimakya a must-see sightseeing goal.

And of course, there’s the Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa, the Palawan capital. Honda Bay is host to the famous cluster of cottages directly over waters, known as the Dos Palmas Island Resort. And another sightseeing location in Palawan worthy of mention is the Bambua Nature Park in Sabang, Palawan. This sightseeing haven is surrounded by gently rolling hills and adjacent to the famous Palawan underground river, or Princesa subterranean river.

Palawan reveals a lot of sightseeing wonders that astounds even veteran world tourists. Nature has abundantly blessed Palawan with the sightseeing treats.


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