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Rugged Beauty of Nature at Taytay, Palawan - Philippines

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The best of what rugged nature can offer an audacious explorer. Taytay in Palawan has this plus more to offer the adventurous with the exciting sights of exquisite native wonders.

About 4 to 5 hours from the provincial capital of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Taytay is a mix topography of very mountainous, flat, and rolling hills. Adjacent localities are El Nido, Dumaran, San Vicente, and Roxas. Along the east are the Taytay Bay, and Sulu Sea. South China Sea dominates the west boundaries.

Nature Paradise

Taytay in Palawan is home to various amazements nature can afford at its best. The superb local pearls that Taytay deep seas are famous for, and the awe-inspiring migratory birds---Balinsasayaw---that frequent the splendid Pabellon Islands, are some of the attractions that lure travelers back to the amazing municipality of Taytay in Palawan.

And what more of the local Busyadors? Taytay in Palawan is home to these fearless and daring nest harvesters or gatherers who brave mountain cliffs and hang there suspended precariously and never fail to amaze the imagination of visiting tourists. They risk life and limb to bring in sweet edible nests and other bird products from the wilds for a lucrative fee. And the Taytay shores themselves, rich with marine resources and rare sea wonders, are reasons enough for any visitor to keep dropping by Taytay, Palawan.

Fort Santa Isabel

A major landmark that announces Taytay, Palawan from the Sulu Sea from centuries past up to the present is the famous Fort Santa Isabel. Built on an natural islet right in front the main town, it served as a vanguard against pirate attacks from the sea. Today, the fort ruins serve as a reminder of the past and is made more accessible by a concrete pavement from the town.

Apulit Island

A world class resort is located in Apulit Island, excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving. Biton Island, on the other hand---home of the famous white squirrels---nestles the Dilis Beach where cozy but affordable lodges are available for tourists. Pabellone Island is a wonderful place where various rock formations are abundant and caves provide sanctuary to the Balinsasayaw migratory birds---which means more edible nest soup. The island also conceals a natural lagoon.

Finally, there is the Canique Falls in Canique in Taytay, which is a mere 2 to 3 minutes of traveling through rugged and dense Palawan forest. The 12-meter high waterfalls is actually 30 to 45 minutes from the poblacion proper.

These are just among the natural attractions waiting in Taytay in Palawan for the curious visitor.


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