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Tourist Information about Palawan

Dubbed as the “Last Frontier,” Palawan has found a way to keep its natural habitat intact through the years. It is the largest province in the Philippines with a total land area of 1.5 million hectares. The province is composed of a thousand islands and islets and is the home of a wide range of wildlife species.

The province boasts of possessing endemic Philippine animals such as the bearcat, peacock pheasant, and mouse deer as well as African animals like the giraffe, zebras, gazelles, and elands. Over the years, it has been inhabited by people from various races. Modern day Palaweños is a combination of 81 various cultures.

Tourist information about how to reach Palawan is almost accessible anywhere. There are flights scheduled two times a day from Manila to Puerto Princesa through Air Philippines and Philippine Airlines. The flights are one hour long. One hour and forty five minutes chartered flights ferries passengers to El Nido, Busuanga, and Taytay all in Northern Palawan.

Likewise, an important piece of tourist information is the mode of transportation. Two-seater tricycles and motorcycles are available to take guests to different destinations in Palawan. Aside from that, buses and jeepneys travel in various routes but most of the time they are loaded with passengers. Tourists can also rent cars in Puerto Princesa. Transferring from one island to another is possible via pump boats.

Accommodation is another piece of tourist information that guests should consider. The principal hotel in Palawan is Asiaworld Hotel in the city of Puerto Princesa. Likewise, there are smaller hotels that are comfortable to stay in such as Puerto Pension and Hillside Resort. Palawan likewise has several island resorts that guests can consider such as El Nido Miniloc and Lagen Island, Club Noah Isabelle, Amanpulo Pamalican, to name a few.

In addition, tourist information will likewise provide the various activities that guests can do when in Palawan. They can take a trip down memory lane and visit the Cuyo Spanish Church Fort. Aside from that, they can visit its numerous caves, where ancient tools, burial jars from China, and antique ornaments were excavated by archaeologists.

With 1,768 islands, Palawan is the perfect place to go diving and snorkeling. The Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park, considered as the top diving site in the country, will leave its guests in awe of giant turtles and the Tubbataha shark.

And, of course, the most valuable tourist information is the beaches and resorts where guests can take a plunge or bathe in the sun. Palawan boasts of white sand beaches comparable to Boracay.

Don't forget that guests can likewise try searching at the nearest Tourism office for all the latest information on Palawan as these local places will of course have the most up to date information available.


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