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Transportation in Palawan

Going in and around spectacular tourist places in Palawan, especially in Sabang, Puerto Princesa, involves amusing travel and transportation modes. Taking these various local transportation forms is a traveling thrill in itself.

Just try going around Puerto Princesa in a day through public transportation in the vicinity. Reaching Sabang can be an exciting, though tough, travel experience, and try to add other destinations in the process. The travel around the city alone may involve various transportations like a motor-boat ride, a paddle boat ride, easy jeepney rides, and some minutes with the local tricycles. Jeepneys have no specific travel schedules, and goes by whether a jeepney reaches full passenger capacity. When the seats are full, the jeepneys proceed. But best of all, try a tourist tour for the day in an air-con bus which often costs about P1,300 per person. These transportation packages often start at 7 am and ends at 4 pm.

A trek to a Sabang picnic ground from Puerto Princesa in Palawan via a tourist bus transportation will end up in a short hike through the Sabang forests from the Sabang town proper. Then comes the famous underground river where paddle boat transportation is abundant at the banks for a river tour. The 45-minute paddle boat tour proves to be a very exciting trek through water falls and sharp rocks along the river curves through the Palawan river underground tunnel and caverns.

Going through the dense forest to the Sabang picnic ground in Palawan may take 3 to 4 hours, depending on walking speed rate. But taking a 20-minute motorized outrigger boat ride is the more practical transportation. Boat rides in Palawan are fun but may often be risky, so the Philippine Coast Guard require boaters island-hopping to wear life vests at all times.

Going farther than just roaming Palawan’s capital city, the transportation may involve ferries and other bigger boat rides. Most tour packages include fares for ferries and boats. Ferry rides around Palawan are gentle and easy sea transportation that lets the tourist enjoy the sea breeze and a panoramic presentation of Palawan shores.

The tour can go as far as the Snake Island. The transportation, usually a boat ride, can take in as many as 5 persons per trip. This Palawan tourist spot is perfect for short snorkeling. This mode of transportation to this destination usually incurs a fee of P1,500 per trip.

Touring Palawan is more enjoyable when local modes of transportation are taken. It allows easy and gradual enjoyment of the place.


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