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Wreck Diving in Coron - Palawan - Philippines

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Coron Island

In the Province of Palawan, Philippines lies the Caliamanes Group of Island. In the northern part of the Caliamanes, an Island of Paradise is located. This is the Coron Island, a municipality that covers part of Busuanga Island in Palawan. The Coron municipality in Palawan is popularly known for its flourishing tourism industry because of its excellent beauty and diving location.

Palawan is a beautiful place to visit. It has a flourishing tourism industry because of the richness of marine life and terrestrial life found both in the northern and southern part of the Palawan Province.

Wreck Diving

But one of the most unique tourist attractions of Palawan is located in Coron Island. This is where you can find the abundant marine life and wonderful sceneries of World War II Japanese shipwrecks sunk after it was bombarded by the American troops. Most of these wrecks are found nearby the Coron Island of Palawan. This place is famously called as “The Wrecks of Coron”, the famous and favorite diving site of both local and foreign wreck divers. The Barracuda Lake is also found in the Northern Coron Island.

Among the famous wrecks found in Coron Island are the following:

1. The Japanese tanker Okikawa is an excellent diving site for wreck diving beginners. There are many superstructures to shelter and watch school of fish while avoiding some currents brought about by its strategic location on a channel. The maximum depth is 24m.

2. The Japanese seaplane tender Akitsushima is a warship plane that was split into half after it was bombed. The engine room is the most interesting place to explore. It is a good Nitrox dive. Maximum depth is 36m.

3. The Japanese freighter provides a possible penetration of the whole ship. The top of the ship is covered with both hard and soft corals and wide marine life. This is also a good Nitrox dive. Maximum depth is 34m.

4. The Japanese freighter Olympia has an abundant marine life and coral reefs. This is one the best wreck diving site to discover and explore. Many new and exciting things are always seen in this wreck. Maximum depth is 33m.

5. The Taiei Maru shipwreck holds good penetration and better light for vision. You can see the shower room with light bulbs still intact. Maximum depth is 26.

6. The Japanese submarine hunter Tirukaze Maru was given its official name in 2002 when 6 Dutch divers meticulously burrow the sand to find the name of this used to be unknown ship. An excellent dive for photographers and less experienced divers. It is a wreck and reef dive in one where branching corals and miniature reef fish are also housed in the shallow level of the wreck. Maximum depth is 19m.

7. The Gun boat that used to be a tugboat is a great place for snorkeling. Next to the shipwreck is a 3-18m reef life that underwater photographers will find as an amazing place to take pictures. Maximum depth is 11m.

8. The Skeleton wreck, known for the name because the remains are stringers of steel-hulled boat, ribs and keel, is actually a fishing boat. It is also close to a reef with maximum depth of 22m.


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