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Palawan Diving

Diving in Palawan is one of the famous attractions for diving tourists. Palawan is known for its lovely beaches but more recognition is given to the different diving havens situated in Palawan. The beautiful coral reef and breathtaking underwater sights such as the admirable coral reefs under cool blue waters are sure to be enchanting to local and foreign divers.

Palawan Island is swarmed with historic wrecks. This makes Palawan Island a more inviting and attractive diving spot in Asia. In addition to the historical wreck that highlights the diving havens in Palawan are the lovely beaches with beautiful swaying palms along the shore for a relaxing sight. The abundant marine life that lives in Palawan waters gives an added colorful attraction for underwater sightings. The remarkable diving experience in Palawan is usually best from October to May.


Busuanga Island is located in the Northern part of Palawan. It is consider as the best kept diving secret in Asia because despite of its stunning shipwreck collections, marine life, white beach and clear blue seas, the place basically remained unvisited. Americans sank 24 Japanese warships along the southern side of Busuanga Island in Palawan. The wrecks have grown with a wealthy sea life and bizarre sea creatures. Thousands of other life forms transform the shipwreck into a fantastic diving view.

The Kyokuzan Maru is a diving place located near the Club Paradise Resort. It consists of a deep dive of 500 ft. where a Japanese freighter sunk in 1944. The remains of the Japanese freighter still have a human quality on it. Diving near the cargo will give you sight of a Toyota whose white walled tires remains amazingly intact.

Black island

The Black Island wreck on the east side of Malajon Island of Palawan has fierce currents making it a place to shun on bad weather conditions. However this diving sight is good for wreck-diving beginners and gives a good sight for large pelagic species such as sharks. The Akitsushima diving spot in Palawan is where the warship Akitsushima sunk on 1944. This is a best diving site for advanced divers because of its depth.

When looking for some snorkeling and photography with diving, the Gunboat at Lusong Island diving site is the best. It is the relaxing spot in between main dives with rich sponges, corals and reef along the area. The Olympia Maru diving spot in Palawan is fairly a good diving area to see a Japanese freighter that sunk in 1944 but with many scorpion fish lurking the area which are highly poisonous. For novice divers and photographers, the East Tangat Wreck is a good diving sight where an anti-submarine aircraft sunk in 1944. The water here is relatively shallow.

The Palawan is a highly recognized diving place in Asia because of its wonderful diving sites and beautiful sceneries. Moreover, it has become a target diving sight for foreign divers because of the historical value that goes with each of their wreck diving experience.


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